Parco Regionale di Roccamonfina e Foce del Garigliano

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Parco Regionale di Roccamonfina e Foce del Garigliano

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Roccamonfina (CE)

Territorio: Caserta e Matese

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The park’s borders run long Roccamonfina’s crater, the mountain comunity of Monte santa croce, the towns of Sessa Aurunca and Teano, go down to the valley and embrace part of the garigliano river. Roccamonfina’s volcano, the most ancient one of Campania, is now inactive. The intense volcanic activity is testified from the presence of thermal and mineral water and the intense sulphureus smell that characterizes the lower part of the park. The mountain is populated by chestnut trees, olive trees and vine-yards and from a rich variety of orchids. Mushroom meadows enrich the underwood during autumn, expecially pore mushrooms. The animals are the unconfuted protagonists in the park. Owls and cuckoos in the mountain area, ravens and
blackbirds in the hills, foxes, wild boars and badgers in the woods, purple herons and white storks near the river. Visiting the Roccamonfina Park means discovering its natural beauties, but also its history and traditions: archaeological ruins, medieval towns, castles, ancient mills and old Borbon’s industries. Among the many itineraries, the paleontology one offers many surprises: the Devil’s Footprints, 56 footprints left in the lava from the Homo progenitor of 500.000 years ago.


Ente parco: via Castelluccio, 16 - Sessa Aurunca - numero verde 800 44 54 44