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Cinema and territory / The art movie festival is on

The art movie festival is on

It’s trendy. Travelling in the footsteps of great motion pictures. More and more tourists arrive on the Island looking for famous locations. How can we forget Troisi, the postman’s bicycle and the isle of Procida? Or the universal Sicily of Montalbano? Or the “small funeral” along the promenade Caracciolo in De Sica’s “The gold of Naples”? Culture and business interlock. Old and new movies to disc ...

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Press tour and Grand Gourmet under the winter sun

Tourism / Press tour and Grand Gourmet under the winter sun

There’s not only "the Milano da bere" (literally: Milan to drink), as a famous 80s ad stated. Campania defends its position and promotes itself through an exceptional press tour, attended by Italian and foreign journalists. Destination Naples and the Phlegrean Fields, Salerno and the Amalfi coast, San Leucio and Caserta in a royal version. Four days under the Southern winter sun for a dive into the locations hosting the America’s Cup and the regional Grand Gourmet.

Unesco Sites Unesco Sites

Chiesa di Santa Sofia

The Church, symbol of the late medieval Longobard architecture, original and creative, is ...


The ancient Elea-Velia was born around the year 540 B.C., thanks to the exiles coming from ...

Itineraries Itineraries

Old Towns Old Towns

Borgo di Sanza

Borgo di Sanza


Walking through ancient water mills and historic buildings t ...

Eventi Luoghi

Lux Lumina

Lux Lumina


from 06/06/2012
to 26/06/2012
Dietro gli occhi

Dietro gli occhi


from 27/04/2012
to 27/06/2012

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Tourism promotion / Austrian specialist press on the Amalfi Coast

A deputation of Austrian journalists, representing the main tourism magazines of their country, is on a press tour that will bring them to visit Naples, Pompeii ...

Grand events / The Napoli Teatro Festival Italia is on

A tribute to Naples and its music, as well as to its legendary theatrical tradition and ballet, first and foremost the Israeli. It’s the Napoli Teatro Festival ...

Promotion / TV show Sereno Variabile on the Amalfi coast

It’s the place where history is tightly linked to glamour and tradition. Dream views, breath-taking bends, intact nature and five-stars cuisine. It’s the Amalfi ...

Events in Campania / "Ravello dieci12" is on

Ravello is open all year round. Or nearly. The town beloved by Wagner presents its new look through a series of events, premieres, concerts and exclusive exhibi ...

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Lo sapevi che Lo sapevi che

Donna Lucrezia and Alfonso d'Aragona

Legend has it that in the triumphal arch on the Maschio Angioino’s portal, appearing as the Fortune, is the beautiful lady Lucrezia d’Alagno, the young lover of ...

Sapori campani Sapori

Peperone Quagliettano

In the middle upper Sele Valley, in the province of Avellino, in the towns of Calabritto and Senerchia, a particular type of pepper is cultivated, that deri ...

campania artecard Portale della Regione Campania - Versione sperimentale