Teatro greco-romano

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Teatro greco-romano

Dove trovalo Dove trovarlo


Piazza S. Gaetano, 68

Territorio: Napoli

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Papino Stazio in a letter to his wife about Naples mentioned two great theatres in the city, one open air and another covered (odeion), located in the upper part of the Forum, behind the sacred area of the temple of Castor and Pollux. Today, the ancient theatre of Neapolis is nearly completely englobed in modern constructions and it is recognizable thanks to the curvilinear path of via dell'Anticaglia and via Pisanelli. Three different construction phases have been identified: that of the Augustan age (foundations and substruction of the cavea); that of the late Flavian age (scene) and that of the end of the II century A.C. (consolidation). A great tuff wall incorporated in the structures probably shows the existence of a more ancient construction of the Greek theatre in Neapolis. Some stuccoes fragments and marble slabs, that show the rich decoration of the building, also date back to the Flavian age. It is said that Nero wanted to perform here, presenting the works made by him in the city, the only city that still used the Greek language and culture.


Opening: MON-FRI 12,00-14,00-16,00; SAT-SUN 10,00-12,00-14,00-16,00