Castello Ducale di Bisaccia

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Castello Ducale di Bisaccia

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Bisaccia (AV)

Corso Romuleo

Territorio: Avellino e Irpinia

The Ducal castle in Bisaccia is extremely old, its first stone probably dates back to the 9th century, when the Longobards invaded and conquered the duchy of Benevento. The construction of the majestic structure responded to defensive needs as the thick walls and 12-meters tower show. The interior opens up on a paved court yard ending with a Renaissance loggia, overlooking the spectacular surrounding view. In the 13th century it was the hunting reserve of Frederick II, Duke of Swabia, and meeting place of the protagonists of the Sicilian poetry school, founded by the same duke. Sought-after for its position and beauty, in ‘500, it became the dwelling of the Renaissance man of letters Giovan Battista Manzo, who enlivened the halls of the castle with cultural banquets and among his guests was also his friend Torquato Tasso; while in ‘700, it was turned into an aristocratic residence and hosted the duke Ascanio Pignatelli. Unfortunately, natural disasters, like earthquakes, have damaged through the centuries the structure, refurbished only during the last years thanks to restoration works. Today the castle is property of the municipality and hosts the Museo Civico di Bisaccia.


It hosts the Museo Civico di Bisaccia