Borgo di Felitto

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Borgo di Felitto

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Felitto (SA)

Territorio: Paestum e Cilento

Felitto is a small piece of paradise, the heart of the WWF oasis which embraces the Gole del Calore and the National Park of Cilento. The streets of the medieval town, bring the visitors through a place without a defined time dimension for the rich architectural heritage, including the castle with towers, walls and palaces. Then just look away from these beauties to be captured from the natural and wild land characterized by the gorges of the Calore river. Waterfalls and rapids, limestone and medieval bridges (Ponte di Pietra Tetta, Ponte di Magliano), tight bends and winding paths, caves, including that of Bernardo, an ancient bandit who probably lived there, are the precious treasures of the oasis. The surrounding vegetation hosts ursino garlic, valerian, and the provincialis orchid (a wild species), fern and butcher's broom, plants of Christ (white and red) and Laconia (with blue flowers), while the undergrowth is filled with myrtle berries and wild lily bulbs.
The area is popular for its sportsmen and hikers who engage in trekking, bird watching, cycling tours, diving, canoeing and swimming in the fresh and clear river water.

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