Museo Civico di Castelnuovo - Maschio Angioino

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Museo Civico di Castelnuovo - Maschio Angioino

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Piazza Municipio

Territorio: Napoli

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The Civic Museum of the Maschio Angioino (XIII c.) hosts, in the areas of the ancient Angevin residence, a museum in the Sala dell'Armeria, the Cappella Palatina, the 1st and 2nd floor of the southern curtain wall, the Sala Carlo V and the Sala della Loggia. The fourteenth-century Cappella Palatina, next to the Sacristy, preserves objects, sacred furniture and works by Caracciolo, Solimena and Giordano, next to modern art paintings. The one nave interior was completely frescoed by Giotto and his students in ‘300 with the stories of the Old and New Testament; of this cycle only few fragments remain. On the right side of the nave are frescoes of Niccolò di Tommaso; inside Neapolitan Renaissance sculptures, among which the ‘Tabernacolo con la Madonna e il Bambino’ by Domenico Gagini, disciple of Donatello and Brunelleschi. On the wall of the sagresty the two ‘Madonna con il Bambino’ by F. Laurana (‘400). The first floor hosts mainly religious works (XV-XVIII c.), coming from churches and corporations abolished, among which, the ‘Crocifissione’ by B. Caracciolo and those by L. Giordano and M. Preti and the ‘Miracolo di San
Giovanni di Dio’ by Solimena (1691). The second floor has on display works that go from the XVIII to the XX centuries, among which a precious collection of paintings of the Neapolitan ‘800. In the museum are also exhibited two sculptures by Vincenzo Gemito.


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