Scavi di Oplontis

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Scavi di Oplontis

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Territorio: Napoli

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  • Tel. +39 081 8621755
  • Tel. +39 081 8575347 (Ufficio informazione scavi)

The name Oplontis appears, for the first time, in the Tabula Peutingeriana, a medieval copy of a travelling road map of the
Roman empire, dating back, maybe, to the Augustan period. The ancient Oplontis has been a residential centre, that has beenmodified and enlarged many times and that includes villas (A and B) with a travelling station for the change of horses, thermae, a hotel and an area for the storage and exchange of agricultural products (villa B). Today, only the villa A, probably owned by Poppea Sabina, Nero’s second wife, can be visited. The villa, whose first structure dates back to the I century B.C., is one of the most significative examples of the residences of the Roman aristocracy, with a Tuscan atrium, many rooms, gardens and thermae. It also preserves a refined pictorial decoration, one of the best examples of the most ancient phase of the II Pompeian style.


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