Area archeologica di San Lorenzo Maggiore

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Area archeologica di San Lorenzo Maggiore

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Via dei Tribunali, 316

Territorio: Napoli

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The most ancient phase of the archaeological area of San Lorenzo Maggiore is represented by the V century B.C. Greek agorà. During the Roman period, exploiting the upslope, the square was extended on two levels, up and under via Tribunali: the lower area, destined to commercial activities, and the upper one for political functions. Such disposition dates back to I century A.C. and it maybe follows a more ancient organization. Today we can recognize the macellum, a rectangular porticoed area with workshops and an internal open space with mosaic floors, in the middle opf this area was a tholos, a circular building destined for food selling. In the lower area you can visit small tabernae, a laundry and the treasury. In the V century A.C., the area was covered by layers of alluvial nature.


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