Cattedrale di San Paolo

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Cattedrale di San Paolo

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Aversa (CE)

Via San Paolo

Territorio: Caserta e Matese

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The early Norman Cattedrale di San Paolo (Saint Paul’s Cathedral) was erected on the age-old Longobard chapel and it was dedicated to the same apostle. The construction of the Duomo, started by count Richard I (1050-1080) from Aversa, was completed by Prince Robert II (1127-1135). The surrounding walls were made with blocks of yellow tuff, digged in loco. During the centuries, the Duomo has underwent many reconstructions: towards the end of the 11th century the body of the Romanesque deambulatory with radial chapels was built, a wonderful example of the primitive Norman architecture; in the pillar between the apsides is the sepulchre of bishop Balduino Balduini (late '500); the walls are decorated with barbaric art patterns (9th-19th century). After the 1349 earthquake, the original octagonal cupola collapsed and was rebuilt with Arab and Norman forms. The bell-tower also collapsed and it was built outside (1499), later connected to the façade through a bridge (1733). At the beginning of the 18th century, the architect Carlo Beratti projected the present-day façade; the construction of the high altar, entrusted to Vanvitelli at first, was realized by G. Massotti (1764). The Latin-cross interior contains many art works, among which a painting by Solimena (1701).


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