Duomo di Caserta Vecchia

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Duomo di Caserta Vecchia

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Caserta Vecchia, Caserta

Via Duomo

Territorio: Caserta e Matese

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The Cathedral’s construction dates back to 1153, as an inscription on an architrave reports. The building, appears to be a complex union of styles in which Romanesque-Apulian architectural elements mix with the Arab-Sicilian and Benedictine ones: infact while the façade recalls the ones of the Apulian churches, the beautiful bell tower with its vivid colors echoes the Arab-Sicilian cathedral of Amalfi. The façade is very simple with three arch portals and archlets weaved in the tympanum. The motif of the woven archlets is repeated in the adjacent belfry (1234), held up by a strong ogival arch. The interior, with three naves on ancient columns, and a semicircular apse, preserves a pulpit, recomposed in the 600’s with pieces of the original ambon of the XIII century, with two nice fourteenth century tombs and beautiful remains of frescoes ascribed to Bernardo Cavallino. The tombstone walled inside the belfry has been ascribed to Teodoro Mommsen. On the Baroque marble altar there is an eighteenth century canvas of the Neapolitan School resembling the Madonna del Rosario con Santi and a wood crucifix dating back to the second half of the XIV century. On the right-hand side of the Cathedral there is the Chiesa dell'Annunziata, small and graceful gothic construction of the end of the XIII century.


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