Duomo di Santa Maria Maggiore

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Duomo di Santa Maria Maggiore

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Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)

Via Sirtori 3, 81055

Territorio: Caserta e Matese

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The church of S. Maria Maggiore, known as S. Simmaco, was built for will of the Saint bishop in 432 on the early Christian crypt of S. Prisco. The building was part of the Christian architectural complex of ancient Capua, where afterwards the town of Santa Maria Capua Vetere rose. The original nucleus of the church was composed of three naves closed from an apse while the marble
columns come from the Tempio di Giove. Near the church a tower, that afterwards became a belfry, was built. The church underwent many changes, among which an enlargment for will of Arechi the IInd, Prince of Benevento. The legend narrates that Pope Adrian the Ist, while he was getting ready for the consecration and was near the altar, found there a writing in Latin that
said: “Whoever will come to this Church with devotion at dawn and for the entire month of August, he shall be purified from all sins”. The church was given the name "S. Maria Suricorum" in spite of the recovering from leprosy of Errico, son of an emperor. The building underwent many restorations, the last in 1985. Nowadays the church has a long façade, with pilasters, and three
portals, the center one, the major one, is surmounted by a big decoration with two angels. The central window presents polychromatic glass window decorations; up high, there is the Virgin statue. The interior, with five naves divided by 51 ancient columns with Corinthian capitals, has a Basilica plan and many side chapels. Many paintings are preserved in the church’s interior
among which Giacinto Diano’s “L'assunzione della Vergine”.


Open:MON-SUN 7,30am-11,30am/5pm-7,30pm