Santuario della Madonna dell’Arco

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Santuario della Madonna dell’Arco

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Sant'Anastasia (NA)

Via Arco, 178, 80048

Territorio: Pompei e Vesuvio

The sanctuary, one of the most famous of Campania, rose around a votive aedicule to the Virgin Mary against which, it is narrated, that a furious player of mallet threw his ball, causing the sacred image’s bleeding. The event caused a great fuss and so a church was built in honour of the Virgin Mary. The construction started in 1593, completed at the beginning of the XVII century, and has been restored lately. The façade and the sides present pilasters of Vesuvian gray stone. On the sides frames with fake arcades run around the church’s windows. The building is topped with a high cupola with a small lantern on its summit. Inside there is a Latin-cross plan with three naves and many architectures and decorations that underwent baroque transformations. The main altar’s paliotto is very interesting with its hardstone and polychromatic marbles. The sanctuary preserves in its halls and its walls thousand of silver ex voto and painted tables (the most ancient one dates back to the XVI century). Every year on Easter Monday the Feast for the Madonna is held and the Sanctuary becomes the traditional pilgrimage destination of the “fujenti or battenti” (the ones who run) called this way since they come running to the Sanctuary from the nearby towns in order to bring the Madonna their ex voto.


Apertura: LU-DO 7,00-13,00/15,30-19,30 Open: MON-SAT 7am-1pm/3,30pm-7,30pm