Abbazia di San Michele

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Abbazia di San Michele

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Procida (NA)

Via San Michele, 80079 Procida

Territorio: Capri, Ischia e Procida

The abbatial complex rises on a promontory of Terra murata’s medieval borough. Founded from the Benedictines in the XI century, it was then destroyed and rebuilt many times. The actual shapes and architectures date back to the 500’s period, in which one extra entry on the new square side was added to the Abbey. The former façade, of Roman type, presents a high tympanum and side volutes; the sixteenth century façade on the square isn’t very big and has a belfry on its side. At the back of the church there is a hemispheric byzantine cupola, on a high tambour where there are narrow and high windows. The Abbey articulates on two levels: the church on the upper one and the museum complex on the lower one. The Church has a basilica plan and three naves. The central one is covered with a lacunar ceiling of the XVII century, made of wood and gold, with at its center a painting of S. Michele that defeats Satan. Inside you can admire the altars decorated with polychromatic marbles, the floors, the organs, and many paintings of the XVI and XVII century. The museum complex, situated under the abbey, develops on three levels. The first one treasures a Neapolitan “presepe” of the XVIII century, the second one hosts the Library where many volums and ancient manuscripts are kept, one dating back to the XVI century, and on the third level there is the ossuary that could be reached through some trapdoors. Worth mentioning long the paths are the chapels Cappella di S. Michele and the S. Alfonso one, rich in decorations.


Open: MON-SAT 9,45am-12,45am/3pm-6pm; SUN 9.45am-12,45am

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