Cattedrale dei SS. Stefano e Agata

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Cattedrale dei SS. Stefano e Agata

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Capua (CE)

Piazza Duomo, 81043

Territorio: Caserta e Matese

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  • Tel. +39 0823 9610081 +39 0823 9610081

Founded in 856 in Longobardian age by the bishop Landolfo I, during the centuries it underwent many transformations. In 1943 after an air bombardment, the cathedral was severely damaged and then rebuilt between 1949 and 1957. Of the medieval edifice only the Roman age square lobby with the large peristyle held by columns and capitals, and the bell tower remain. Until the
beginnings of the XIX century the lobby was the burying place for princes and nobleman of Capua. The belfry is characterized by a rocky basament with bas-relief and inscriptions from S. Maria Capua Vetere’s amphitheatre. The Basilica plan cathedral is divided in three naves with granite columns. Inside many important artworks. You can admire various paintings (XVI-XIX cent.) among which artworks of Domenico Vaccaro and Francesco Solimena, the beautiful sculpture group of the Cristo Morto of Matteo Bottiglieri and the finely decorated marble candelabrum for the paschal candle dating back to the XIII century.


Open: everyday, 8am-11.30am/5pm-8pm

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