Cattedrale di San Pietro

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Cattedrale di San Pietro

Dove trovalo Dove trovarlo

Sessa Aurunca (CE)

Piazza Duomo 2, 81037

Territorio: Caserta e Matese

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  • Tel. +39 0823 937016

Built in 1103 it is one of the most appreciable example of Romanesque architecture in Campania. It represents an interesting union of re-employed materials from ancient Roman edifices (Tempio di Mercurio e di Ercole, Teatro), elements of Romanesque architecture and some of the Baroque restoration of 1758. The façade, with an upper triangular gable and a central window, is preceeded by a porch of the XIII century with three arches held up by pillars and columns with zoomorphic sculptures on their top. Under the porch there are three access portals to the church decorated with architraves and marble spolia elements. The plan is Latin-cross, with three naves divided by columns of different materials. Of great artistic value the pavement of the central nave, dating back to the XII century. Also valuable the candelabrum of the paschal candle and the pulpit, masterpieces of the maestro Peregrino da Sessa of the XIII century. The candelabrum’s base is sculpted in relief and has mosaic inserts. The pulpit decorated with mosaics and bas-relief has a rectangular structure, held up from six little columns that rest on marble lions. In the Cappella del Sacramento, Luca Giordano’s “Comunione degli Apostoli” is a must-see.


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