Basilica e cripta di Santa Trofimena

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Basilica e cripta di Santa Trofimena

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Minori (SA)

Via Vescovado

Territorio: Salerno e costiera amalfitana

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  • Tel. +39 089 8541503

The Basilica, reconstructed in the 700’s on the original roman implant, is dedicated to Santa Trofimena, whose relics are preserved in the underlying crypt. The façade rises from a parvis delimited from a stone banister, that can be reached through a large stairway. A niche on top of the main portal hosts the Saint’s bust; on the side portals there are the busts of Santi Pietro and Paolo. The lower part of the façade presents 8 pilasters with Corinthian capitals. On the church’s side there is the neoclassical belfry with a squared plan, divided in three decorative orders. The Latin-cross plan is divided in three naves. The central nave has a barrel vault covered with elegant Baroque stucchi. A beautiful cupola opens up on the transept with arches sustained by big pillars. After the marble banister there is the presbytery with many stucco decorations, and in the apse area the breathtaking altar decorated with inlays and polychromatic marbles. In the area under the presbytery there is the crypt, that preserves the relics of Santa Trofimena.


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