Santuario di Santa Restituta

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Santuario di Santa Restituta

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Lacco Ameno (NA)

Piazza S. Restituta

Territorio: Capri, Ischia e Procida

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  • Tel. +39 081 980161

Built on a an early Christian basilica of the V century, the sanctuary Santa Restituta was afterwards restored during the centuries and almost entirely rebuilt after the earthquake in1883. The façade dates back to 1910, inside, on the right, a fifteenth century table and up high ten canvases that resemble the Saint’s martyr and, in a niche on top of the marble altar, a wooden gold statue of Santa Restituta of the fifteenth century. Under the church there is a crypt, uncovered in 1951, remains of the early Christian basilica edificated in the IV-V century in honour of the saint (originally with three naves on columns), when transforming a former big cistern of the Roman Republic age, of which one can observe the remains of some tombs with furnishings; under the
altar a urn preserves the relics of Santa Restituta. The hallway that leads to the crypt has been transformed in a museum and holds various material of Greek-Roman origin and of Christian age, uncovered during the laborious excavations, such as urns, funeral and honour memorials, funeral vases, coins ecc.


Open: MON-SAT 9,30am-12,30am/4,30pm-6pm; SUN 9,30am-12,30am

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