Santuario del Santissimo Salvatore

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Santuario del Santissimo Salvatore

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Montella (AV)

Via Cianciulli

Territorio: Avellino e Irpinia

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The santuario del SS. Salvatore, positioned on the peak of mount Sovero (955m), an isolated relief of the Picentini mountains, rises on a land where once stood the “Parrocchia di San Salvatore in Prato”, from the name of the ancient Prati hamlet. The first firm datum on the Sanctuary date back to year 1758: the Sanctuary, severely damaged after a fire, was enlarged in 1780. In 1849, after a severe damage of both church bells, a new one was built, the one we admire today. After the addition of a new bell, a tower bell was built in 1850. In 1929 other widenings were started. Some works date back to 1979: the same year five historiated glass windows and the bronze door were created by the sculptor P. Tarcisio Musto, a Franciscan. A real jewel is the 1789 altar by a Neapolitan master marble worker, realized with polychrome marbles harmonically fused together and, in the middle of the paliotto, the raised image of the Savior. Due to the damages caused by the earthquake of 1980, the Sanctuary was restored. On the 6 August 1995 the twinning between the Sanctuary and the Mount Tabor in Galilee was signed. On that occasion, the mosaic of the Transfiguration, located in the left aisle, was blessed. Both the bronze side doors, built in 1997, are by the sculptor Antonio Manzi, native of Montella. The Sanctuary, today, is directed by a board commissioned by the archbishop and composed of a priest, who acts as the Rector, and laic worshippers.


Opened: MON-SUN 9am-7pm