Casa del Volto Santo

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Casa del Volto Santo

Dove trovalo Dove trovarlo


Via Ponti Rossi, 54 Napoli

Territorio: Napoli

The sanctuary hosts an orphanage and a costless nursery school. The building also represents a reference point for the local lay volunteering. The building is a papal work, in fact the sanctuary was promoted by Madre Flora De Santis that, in 1932, founded the Ponti Rossi house to help needy people. Since the beginning, the building had hosted many orphans and later Madre Flora put it into the hands of the Piccole Ancelle di Cristo Re. In 1969, after her death, the cult location increased its members and became very popular among Naples and its periphery. The building, damaged in 1980 by the earthquake, it was restored thanks to many dues-paying members who built up a wide temporary prefabricated church. On February 1990 Cardinal Giordano blessed the new temple that was re-opened in 1996. On the right side of the Sanctuary, there is a small chapel that overlooks Naples and hosts the Madre Flora sepulchre.


Opening: Mon-Fri: 8am-5.30pm; Sat-Sun 7,30am-7pm