Santuario del Buon Consiglio

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Santuario del Buon Consiglio

Dove trovalo Dove trovarlo

Torre del Greco (NA)

via Nazionale

Territorio: Napoli

The place of worship was opened thanks to Don Raffaele Scauda, a young priest that, having received a piece of land from some farmers, with the help of a few inhabitants of the area, built a small church that he dedicated to the Madonna del Buon Consiglio.The church was inaugurated in 1906 and quickly became a place to spend free time and a place of faith for the developing area. The church was annexed with an orphanage after being enlarged. Destroyed from the bombardments in 1943, the building was quickly reconstructed and in ’45, the new church was open and consecrated. On September 21st 1974, on decree of the Capitolo Vaticano, the Madonna was solemnly crowned from the cardinal Ascalesi, and the church was named after the Sanctuary. The church, spacious and full of light, is modern in style with three naves, and has on the main altar the painting Madonna del Buon Consiglio; in the church there is also the room with the tomb of the Founder Don Scauda. Today the massive orphanage hosts the exhibition Mostra Biennale di Arte Sacra. By substituting the parish church Parrocchia dell'Assunta with the Palazzone, the church officially became a parish church on January 7th 1984. All around the buildings there are the rooms that host the nuns and approximately 70 girls, with the refectory, the equipped laboratories and the classrooms.


Open: winter period MON-SUN 7,30am-12am. MON-FRI 16,30pm-10,30am; SAT-SUN 5pm-8pm. Summer period 7,30am-10,30am/5,30pm-9pm