Chiesa di Santa Maria la Nova

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Chiesa di Santa Maria la Nova

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Largo Santa Maria La Nova

Territorio: Napoli

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Edificated at the end of the XIII century for will of Charles II, it has been damaged from the earthquakes of the XV and XVI century. Starting from 1596 the church was rebuilt from Giovanni Cola di Franco. The main access is on the top of a stairway made of trachytic rock and marble. The façade, of renaissance taste, presents frames and a high trachytic basement where there is the marble portal. The interior has a Latin-cross plan, one nave and side chapels. The nave’s coffered ceiling is made of golden wood and includes 46 paintings encased in the wood structure, and realized between 1598-1603 from important artists such as Belisario Corenzio, Francesco Curia, Luigi Rodriguez and Fabrizio Santafede. The inside is rich of artworks: the main altar by Cosimo Fanzago, frescos by Massimo Stanzione, sculptures among which altars of the different noble’s chapels realized with marble inlays, two sepulchral monuments of Annibale Caccavello, etc. The small cloister, with frescoed vaults and funeral decorations of the 400’s and 500’s are part of the complex, as well as the former refectory and the big clositer.


Open: MON-SAT 9am-1pm