Chiesa di San Costanzo

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Chiesa di San Costanzo

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Capri (NA)

via Marina Grande

Territorio: Capri, Ischia e Procida

The Church of San Costanzo, patron saint of the Island, represents an historical and stylistic manifesto of the religious architecture in Capri. Built in the 5th century on the remains of a Roman building of the late Republican period, had a central structure characterized by eight columns and two apses directed East-West (the sun rises at East, therefore, representing life). Dedicated, at first, to San Severino, its aspect radically changed during the 10th century. From early Christian Church it was turned into a Byzantine Church with a Greek cross plant covered by a dome vault. Yet, it is during the 14th century that the church underwent definitive changes by developing its unmistakable Gothic style. Count Giacomo Arcucci ordered the enlargement of the structure with the addition of a presbytery and a pronaos, moving the entrance south. During the last century, in 1928, an elevated parsonage was added, changing definitively the original aspect, of which a testimony remains, a monochrome watercolour of 1840 by the Neapolitan artist Giacinto Gigante.