Abbazia di Goleto

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Abbazia di Goleto

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Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi (AV)

Contrada di San Guglielmo

Territorio: Avellino e Irpinia

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In the small town of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi, the elegant and majestic Abbazia di Goleto, built by San Guglielmo in the 12th century, stands out. Founded as a female convent, it has been an important spiritual centre for over two centuries, abruptly interrupted by the mortal black death in 1348. The complex passed to a male monastic order that slowly revive the structure. Thanks to restoration and renovation works in the 18th century by the Neapolitan architect Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, who built the big Church, the abbey gained back its original splendour. In the 19th century Giuseppe Bonaparte eliminated it and moved San Guglielmo’s remains in the nearby complex of Montevergine, ordering the expoliation of many furnishings and works. Thanks to restoration works carried out by the Superintendency of Fine Arts of Avellino and Salerno Goleto is open to public. Don’t miss the two 13th century small churches, positioned one on top of the other, in Romanesque style (funerary chapel) with thick and short walls and in Gothic style (chiesa di San Luca) with pointed vaults, the Febronia Romanesque tower and the great church by Vaccaro.

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