Cella di San Vincenzo

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Cella di San Vincenzo

Dove trovalo Dove trovarlo

Olevano sul Tusciano (SA)

Territorio: Paestum e Cilento

A historical building, mostly reduced in ruins, but place of strategic importance. Located along the ancient road Dovindole, the cell of St. Vincenzo was built on the top of Mount Raione, a small monastery beside the San Vincenzo al Volturno Abbey, a place of pilgrimage that led up to the Caves of St. Angelo. Surrounded by chestnut trees, olive groves and winding paths emanating deeply spiritual atmosphere. Place of worship, is mentioned for the first time in a document issued in 819, in Aachen, in which the Emperor Ludovico I donated to the monastery of Volturno the “Cellam Sancti Vincenti”. During the eleventh century it became ecclesiastical fief of Olevano Tusciano and the structure was detached from the Abbey 'mother'. Few years ago, in 2008, a restoration and renovation of the architecture, recovered the rectangular church roofed by stucco decorated vaults, the ground floor (stables, storerooms, pantry and kitchen) and the monks' cells on the first floor. Between the monastery and the sky, heaven is not so far.

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