Abbazia Santuario S. Maria di Casaluce

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Abbazia Santuario S. Maria di Casaluce

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Casaluce (CE)

Piazza Castello

Territorio: Caserta e Matese

The Sancutary of Casaluce holds centuries of history, a real art and architectural jewel, a place rich of mysticism and spirituality. The Sanctuary was built in the 14th century in the homonymous castle of year 1000, among the first Norman fortress in Italy. The Celestine monks, to whom it was donated in 1360, turned it into a monastery in Gothic style, enriching it with precious canvases, ascribed to various artists of the school of Florence and local, like Niccolò di Tommaso, a pupil of Giotto. Together with the castle, the Celestine fathers received by the baron Raimondo del Balzo also the precious Byzantine icon of Santa Maria di Casaluce and two hydriae from the Holy Land, connected to the jars of Jesus miracle during the Wedding at Cana. Around the icon, the cult in honour of the virgin from Casaluce was born. Various historical characters, like Joanna I of Anjou and Charles III of Bourbon, have worshipped and invoked her. The sanctuary is today abandoned, yet it still preserves all its beauties.