Abbazia di Sant'Anastasia

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Abbazia di Sant'Anastasia

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Ponte (BN)

Territorio: Benevento e Sannio

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Around the 11th century, Pons Sanctae Anastasiae, the monastic abbey in Sant’Anastasia, was built thank to the Benedictine abbot Leone Ostiense. Erected between Capua and Benevento, was probably erected on an ancient Roman Villa and soon became a refreshment area for the pilgrims going towards the Gargano. With the arrival of the Longobards, the religious structure adopted a Romanesque aspect, refined later by the restoration works carried out by masters Comacini, cum machina, alternating unrefined wall stones and terracotta. In the 13th century the Romanesque tower, characterized by single-lancet windows and frescoes, was added. The church with one nave, burial place for locals until last century, was destroyed during the 1934 fire and lost the bell tower and vestments. Entirely restored, it is today open to public for guided tours and cultural events. Despite the various damages it underwent, in 1964 it became an historical monument of the national heritage and following restoration works allowed to discover important elements for the historical reconstruction of the site, like the tomb of an ancient warrior and its grave goods.


Opening hours: during summer every last Saturday of the month 10am-12am, on the last Sunday of the month 10am-12am and 6pm-8pm. During winter every last Saturday of the month 10am-12am, last Sunday of the month 3pm-5pm