Cappella Pontano

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Cappella Pontano

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piazza Miraglia

Territorio: Napoli

One of the most dynamic streets of the city is via dei Tribunali, so-called as it ends in front of Castel Capuano, the legendary 16th century Court of Justice. The arterial road corresponds to the main streets of the Graeco-Roman Naples and presents various historical architectural beauties. Among the buildings in piazza Miraglia, there’s the Cappella Pontano, one of the most important Renaissance monuments of the city, surrounded by the Church of S. Maria Maggiore and the 11th century bell tower. The chapel was built in 1492 by humanist Giovanni Pontano as funerary temple for the beloved wife Adriana Sassone. It reflects the Vitruvian principal of a small temple with an equal correspondence between length and width. It’s construction is ascribed to fra’ Giocondo and Francesco di Giorgio. Pilaster strips on the façade, ornamental marbles, epigraphs with moral and political mottoes and majolica floors make the crape a unicum of the city. In particular, the decorative and colourful majolica realized by Neapolitan workshops present Byzantine, Islamic and Valencian influences. The Umbro-Roman fresco behind the altar portraying the Madonna with Saint John the Baptist and John the Evangelist can be ascribed to Francesco Cicino da Caiazzo and was probably realized in 1492.


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