Museo Archeologico Nazionale

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Museo Archeologico Nazionale

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Capaccio Scalo, Paestum (SA)

Via Magna Grecia, 919

Territorio: Paestum e Cilento

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  • Tel. +39 0828 811023

Built between the 1940s and 1950s to offer a worthy museographical arrangement to the cycle of the archaic metope found by P. Zancani and U. Zanotti Bianco in the interurban sanctuary at the mouth of the river Sele and enlarged in 1970 to host the frescoes of the painted tombs, the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum has gained its final arrangement in 1999, with the setting up of the Roman section, to which the prehistoric and proto-historic section has been added. The museum develops on two floors: the findings are on display in chronological and topographic order. The ground floor includes all the objects relevant to the early stages of the city up to the Lucanian period. Worthy of notice are the first reconstruction of the frieze of the archaic metope of the sanctuary of Hera at the mouth of the river Sele and the rooms containing the most ancient materials found inside the urban and interurban sanctuaries and the necropolis. A whole room is dedicated to the painted slab of the “Tomb of the Diver”, dated 450 B.C. The upper floors host the prehistoric collection and the Roman section, retracing the life of the city from its foundation in 273 B.C. to the late Imperial Age.


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