Certosa di San Giacomo – Museo Diefenbach

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Certosa di San Giacomo – Museo Diefenbach

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Capri (NA)

Via Certosa

Territorio: Capri, Ischia e Procida

The prestigious S. Giacomo Charterhouse hosts the museum, inaugurated in 1974, thanks to the Superintendent Raffaello Causa. Named after the symbolist painter Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1851–1913), the museum represents an homage that Capri wanted to pay to the artist, who lived here from 1900 until his death. His charismatic and extravagant figure represents a significative moment of the island’s cultural events. In the halls of the museum, big paintings, representing not only nature but also feminine and mythological figures, are on display. There are 31 canvases, 5 plaster statues and the portrait of the painter by Ettore Ximenes. In his art works, the cosmic sense of nature and the religious sense of infinity are expressed with sublime and mysterious tones, expressing the magical-religious function the artist conveyed to art. The museum also hosts the Roman statues of the marine god and goddess found in the Blue Grotto.


Opening: Tue-Sun 9,00-14,00