Museo Angelo Rizzoli

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Museo Angelo Rizzoli

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Lacco Ameno, Ischia (NA)

corso Angelo Rizzoli, 224

Villa Arbusto

Territorio: Capri, Ischia e Procida

At the beginning of the 1950s, Angelo Rizzoli, the founder of the famous publishing house, visited for the first time Ischia and fell in love at first sight. In ten years, he built hotels, termae, an hospital and other buildings, turning the fishermen and farmer island into an international tourist resort. The museum dedicated to the entrepreneur is in Villa Arbusto at Lacco Ameno. The
entire complex on the Arbusto hill was bought and restored by the entrepreneur in 1952, who turned it into a meeting place for many famous Italian and international figures. Villa Arbusto, today, has been purchased by the commune of Lacco Ameno and is the venue of the Pithekoussai Archaeological Museum and of the Angelo Rizzoli, which includes sections dedicated to the life, the
works and the entrepreneur activity of the Milanese industrialist. Over five-hundred images document the period in which he realized the projects. Thank to him, the island of Ischia became the favourite destination of politicians, movie stars, journalists, economists and scientists.


Access hours: from April to September: 9,30-12,30 e 16,00-17,00 . October: 9,30-12,30