La festa delle Lucerne e il borgo di Casamale

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La festa delle Lucerne e il borgo di Casamale

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Somma Vesuviana (NA)

Territorio: Pompei e Vesuvio

Hundreds of oil lamps placed in circle, wooden triangle and squares in a perspective series invade the narrow streets of Casamale: it’s the Festa delle Lucerne, that takes place every four years, in the first days of August, and that celebrates the Madonna della Neve in the medieval borough of Somma Vesuviana. The streets designed from the lamps are passageways, entrances, that aim at creating a sort of dialogue between death and life. The rite’s pagan origins are probably due to an ancient rural ritual that can be seen in the reproductions of rural domestic life at each street’s entrance: tables covered with food as well as real or fake people animating them. A women’s litany spreads from the roofs when the Madonna della Neve passes through the borough and ends the celebration. The Casamale or Terra Murata, with its Roman church, the remains of Aragonese walls, up to 8 meters of height, the Vesuvius-stone towers, the arches and the ancient houses, is one of the most interesting historical centers of the Vesuvius area.


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