Antiche Terme di Cavascura

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Antiche Terme di Cavascura

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Serrara Fontana (NA)

Via Cavascura Sant' Angelo

Territorio: Capri, Ischia e Procida

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Excavated in rock the thermal baths of Cavascura preserve all the characteristics that were already known at the times of ancient Rome. Caves and tufa pools preserve waterfalls and hot springs that reach 90 degrees of temperature. The water jet slides on the body giving the clients wellness sensations.

Type of water: thermal water salty – bromine – iodic – sulphat – alkaline –with traces of magnesium, iron and radon.

Pathology treatments: orthopedical problems degenerative and post-trauma, rheumatic and articular diseases, chronic breathing problems, dermatologic diseases.

Services: mud and therapeutical baths, inhalation treatments, stufa or grotto, vaginal irrigations.